Cheap Fire - 5/5/0

Deck description:

All bar Lava spawn creatures are fire, utilising Kirils\' -1 deploy cost. Three creature types are also neutral spirits which will gain the Week of Elementals -1 deploy cost as well. That\'s three Elementals deploying at -2 cost. Makes for fast aggro deploy.
This is linked with Mass fire spell damage (Fire Rain and Arkaths) in conjunction with Magma Elementals prevent fire damage to friendly fire creatures, which will mean one sided board wipes.
Also add in +1 to attack with Week of Elder Races, War Banner, Ragefire and Blazing Succubus, then throw in; add blast to all fire creatures Ragefire, Hikyu, and innate blast Bursting Fire, and then attack anywhere and sweep with Throne of Ahribban.
Of course this is built on the standard Soulreaver / Lava Spawn / Hellfire Maniac. Deck is untested and maybe needs balancing, but I like the look of it.
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Total Cards:59
Wildcard Cost:428 Wildcards
Deck Author:Alandis13
Posted on:Oct 3rd, 2014