Pao Deathseeker OTK - 3/5/5

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There aren't many OTK decks out there for Shalan, so here's mine. You basically win by constantly returning Silver Bowl Spirit, Pao Deathseeker, Kabuki Tei and Ushio Naga to your hand and attacking the enemy hero with Pao. Your passive and Sayama Warden will allow you to do this OTK, aswell as fortune cards that return friendly minions to your hand. Be wary, though, as you need to correctly bounce Spirit, Pao, Tei and Ushio, otherwise this OTK is not gonna work.

4 Okane no Okane -> 4 Ushio Naga
3 Lesser Water Elemental -> 3 Shinobi Thief
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Total Cards:93
Wildcard Cost:615 Wildcards
Deck Author:Huoyan
Posted on:Mar 31st, 2019




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