Dhamiria Queen of FIRE - 6/5/4

Deck description:

My fun deck that turn out to be quite competitive(63% WR after 160 games). Its a immo/mill. For most of the game you discard the cards that can kill/remove your fire elementals, then you let the combo do the rest :) By combo i mean fire elementals, empovered spels and immolation. Shi no shi is a nice addition to this combo cause thx to him you will never run out of cards(immo kills him every turn).

The idea its not originaly mine,I saw Pinkodd played something similar, I tried it and improved as much as I could.
Hope you will enjoy it, but watch out this deck makes people HATE you.
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Total Cards:62
Wildcard Cost:254 Wildcards
Deck Author:Jazzzday
Posted on:Sep 17th, 2014