Mother Namtaru Ice Curse Lock v2 - 3/6/0

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Hello everyone,

After a lot of games with my last Ice Curse Lock Mother Namtaru i wasn't glad. I won only 2 games of 7 played. I saw that there is a problem to lock oponent cause when he has got 4 creatures and use them in zigzag mode, then we can't do anyhting and we lose. I think about it and i see that we not need only aoe spells that makes less dmg than point dmg, but we need point spells that neutralize the most dangerous oponent creatures.

And now we are here. I made similar but on the 2nd one Mother Namtaru. There we have got Enthrall, Soulreaver and Wither. In my opinion it is generally maybe worse removeall but i won much more games after these changes.

I hope you have fun with my decks. I back to DoC after a big break then my decks arent the best but over time i have got more ideas and i always want to share it with you.
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Total Cards:68
Wildcard Cost:431 Wildcards
Deck Author:Chlebomat18
Posted on:Dec 26th, 2014