Akane Magi Standard Criticism is Welcome - 5/5/3

Deck description:

So i realized that her hero ability is amazingly good late game and wins you board control and eventually the game. Inspiration came from reading the manga "Magi" and I wanted to fight with Genies (Djinn). The idea is to pump out your early game creatures, build up magic fast, burn all your spells while maintaining some board presence. With Favorite Spell, you can cast Ice Meteor at 8 mana.... at turn 12, you can recall Ice meteor every turn!

The beauty of this deck is in its ability to turn the tide of the match instantly through aggressive spell casting and Blessing of the Storm buffing while also defending your board. Saving spells mean nothing to you... u can always bring them back ;)

Other notes:

- The Nethermancer and Void-Tainted Djinn can be coupled with Blessing of the Storm to burn through their cards if you're up against a deck with the 59 min number. Sometimes killing key spells and unique creatures that would make staying alive difficult. They also serve as a scary entity those that are unsure whether to block them with a creature or just let it hack away at their deck. Both of their options are valid, but the psychological damage has already been dealt >:) Use them mid/late game for blocking scary amounts of damage.

!!!! Homeward bound any scary cards and have chance at making them discard it ;D !!!

-Early game: You can use your Scholars and Mentors to block some damage, but its better to keep them alive so when u have the mana, you can clear their board. A great strategy I've used is to gather up a ton of mana (5 at least) from 2-3 of the magic boosters and Homebound Winds/Lightning Bolt the enemies creatures that get in the way of your bigger creatures doing damage to their hero.

- Fortunes and Buildings: The fortunes are either used to retrieve spells faster, destroy pesky enemy ongoing spells, or use your opponents spells and creatures against them to counter early aggression. If your good at keeping your things alive, then you'll be way better off. Portal to House Anima is a building that can both strengthen your aggression or stall the opponent. Portal + Surging Djinn = a free, undamaged body on the board every turn! The altar is for faster djinn deployment of course!

*Cards to remove/replace* - Nethermancers for Cloudshapers, Chain Casting and Magic Deal for Shifting Fates, Month of the Spider Queen for another A Tear in the Veil.
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Total Cards:59
Wildcard Cost:282 Wildcards
Deck Author:Morladum
Posted on:Dec 22nd, 2014