Bloated Gazal the Dominatrix - 4/6/2

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Early curve gives out once in ca dozen games which for the format is pretty good I'd say.
Town Portals - not really a fan, but compared to other available early spells..
Void Tainted Djinn over Arcane Archer for the Magic Channel and psychological advantage. Plus you never know what gets milled, sometimes there's a real treasure shied away.
Only one Phoon Moenix - extra help, but your grave wouldn't support two anyway. Not if you want to be using your ability as well.
No Cloudshapers - 5 Might is quite a stretch and I didn't need them so far. No Time Benders - don't have a playset yet :P Not sure their ability would get activated anyhow, but give them a go if you wanna.
Revised - neat, but watch for time if you use it in Swiss on a slower machine :D
Dervish Tents - quite useful for breaking power lanes, dealing final blow .. just mind that this *** of a building needs to be dropped first!
Expensive spells - Curse is the main game breaker, (ab)use it often (remember to deploy some creatures in previous turns first). 2 Time Jumps are mostly finishers, which you can tutour easily - two are enough, extra copies wouldn't save you against Pond/Purge anyway. Same with Void Ripple - plus you have the new Ariana as well.
Memory Lapse - for newcomers - this is THE card to use with Gazal's ability. (It returns again .. and again ..) Two are enough though.
Events - Queen to screw Morgan the Staller and Arbiters to screw pesky combos like Crystal + Pile + 2-3 critters. Arbiters can rarely backfire, so careful :)

Overall apart from an effin draw, you can pretty much only lose to your own misplays. And maybe one another, ultra secret deck... o_O
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Total Cards:109
Wildcard Cost:814 Wildcards
Deck Author:Uraxor
Posted on:Oct 8th, 2014




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