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Recent Decks

Adar-Malik, Caller of Doom
test - 4/5/2by varju on Oct 5th, 2018The author did not enter a description.
Total cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 379 Wildcards
Seria, Seeker of the Lost Souls
Serias Legion - 6/6/4by Kaeltetod on Sep 30th, 2018Unter Serias Befehl erheben sich die Untoten. Eisige Winde und dunkle Energien begleiten sie auf ihrem Weg in Richtung der Linien des Gegenübers.
Total cards: 62 , Wildcard cost: 308 Wildcards
Zouleika, Renegade Wizard
Fury Winds - 5/4/4by Kaeltetod on Sep 29th, 2018Ein Heer fliegender Harpyen überfällt die Linien des Gegenübers. Flankiert wird dieses unheilvolle Heer von magischen Winden und den magischen Kräften der Erde.
Total cards: 62 , Wildcard cost: 471 Wildcards

Latest Replays

Format: OpenNahla training run
Adar-Malik, Caller of Doom
Adar-Malik, Caller of DoomThanatos930 (1436)
4Might / 5Magic / 2Destiny
Vs.RequirementsTotal cardsWildcard cost
NahlaOcsimano (1275)
5Might / 6Magic / 1Destiny
uploaded by Ocsimano on Mar 27th, 2016
Format: Opencass
Yukiko, Seeker of Honor
Yukiko, Seeker of Honormrdonkey33 (1470)
4Might / 5Magic / 3Destiny
Vs.RequirementsTotal cardsWildcard cost
Cassandra, Seeker of Lightzigenzibitte (1436)
4Might / 1Magic / 5Destiny
Cassandra, Seeker of Light
uploaded by zigenzibitte on Nov 11th, 2015

Recent Discussion

Seria, Seeker of the Lost Souls
Max Speed Stacks Sample - 3/1/3by FatarisA minor error occured while building this deck online. I can't fix this by editing this deck. But be warned: you should use Fleshbane instead of Seria for this one.
comment posted by Fataris on Aug 27th, 2018
Deleb, Princess of Pain
Deleb, Princess of Pain[url][/url]
comment posted by crediblebh on Jul 20th, 2018
Deleb, Princess of Pain
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Popular Decks

Sandalphon, Lord of Power
Haven Test Deck - 3/0/5by RenrakuTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 474
Format: Open
Deleb, Princess of Pain
Rushy Deleb - 3/2/2by cucu99Total cards: 60 , Wildcard cost: 268
Format: Standard
Masfar, Father of Titans
Masfar OTK - 1/6/3by OthelloTotal cards: 64 , Wildcard cost: 191
Format: Standard
Asalah, Invoker of Castigation
Academy Test Deck - 5/4/2by RenrakuTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 338
Format: Open
Morgan, Beloved General
All da Humans - 5/3/1by RenrakuTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 255
Format: Standard Channels