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Recent Decks

Kal-Azaar, Invoker of Agony
Monster Kal - 6/6/4by ADMUH on Jul 9th, 2019Antimage, Antitroll
Total cards: 209 , Wildcard cost: 1496 Wildcards
Nasty Nastya - 6/6/4by ADMUH on Jul 7th, 2019Antitroll
Total cards: 209 , Wildcard cost: 1344 Wildcards
Nergal, Lord of Pestilence
Nergal Reanimator - 6/4/4by WesternLong on Jun 27th, 2019The author did not enter a description.
Total cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 468 Wildcards

Latest Replays

Format: Openmr Krzychu vs Cucu99
Takana Osore, Champion of the Tides
Takana Osore, Champion of the TidesMr.Krzychu (1458)
6Might / 2Magic / 3Destiny
Vs.RequirementsTotal cardsWildcard cost
Shalan, Voice of the Lotuscucu99 (1442)
4Might / 1Magic / 5Destiny
Shalan, Voice of the Lotus
uploaded by Mr_Krzychu on Jan 6th, 2019
Format: OpenBoam Boam
Ariana of the Severed Fates
Ariana of the Severed Fatespalma444 (1291)
4Might / 4Magic / 4Destiny
Vs.RequirementsTotal cardsWildcard cost
Alia, Caller of FaithAron93 (1336)
3Might / 6Magic / 5Destiny
Alia, Caller of Faith
uploaded by Aron93 on Jan 2nd, 2019

Recent Discussion

Takana Osore, Champion of the Tides
mr Krzychu vs Cucu99by Mr_KrzychuTo akurat stary mecz, ale normalnie gramy w DoCa a nie przez Lackeya. Więcej na discordzie
comment posted by ravignir on Feb 4th, 2019
Takana Osore, Champion of the Tides
mr Krzychu vs Cucu99by Mr_KrzychuTo są jakieś stare mecze? Czy gracie przy pomocy "Lackey"
comment posted by Preddy on Jan 26th, 2019
Seria, Seeker of the Lost Souls
Max Speed Stacks Sample - 3/1/3by FatarisA minor error occured while building this deck online. I can't fix this by editing this deck. But be warned: you should use Fleshbane instead of Seria for this one.
comment posted by Fataris on Aug 27th, 2018

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Popular Decks

Sandalphon, Lord of Power
Haven Test Deck - 3/0/5by RenrakuTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 474
Format: Open
Renraku's Ignatius - 1/3/5by RenrakuTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 354
Format: Open
Dhamiria, Caller of Madness
Inferno Test Deck - 2/5/3by AdamHTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 205
Format: Open
Masfar, Father of Titans
Masfar OTK - 1/6/3by OthelloTotal cards: 64 , Wildcard cost: 191
Format: Standard
Asalah, Invoker of Castigation
Academy Test Deck - 5/4/2by RenrakuTotal cards: 59 , Wildcard cost: 338
Format: Open Channels